Due to COVID-19 I am taking many measures to keep you safe including the following:


- During newborn and baby sessions I am required to touch your baby and to be within 2meters in order for me to pose your baby safely. For this reason I will be wearing a mask at all times, I will wash my hands prior to the session and will continuously use hand sanitiser throughout. You are welcome to wear a mask too, however this is not compulsory.


- I will try to keep the session time to a minimum, ideally in under 3 hours for newborn 1 hour for others.


- I ask that only members of the same household are there at the time of the session with 1 parent in the room unless having family portraits.


- If you or any member of your household have displayed any symptoms in the two weeks before your session, then I ask you to contact to reschedule. I will also do this.

- Keep all doors open to begin with to minimise contact with hard surfaces.

I maintain a high level of cleanliness anyway, but to reduce the risk levels further I'll be implementing the following:


- All hard props will be disinfected before and after use.


- All soft props, blankets, furs, outfits and hats will be washed and anything that isn't washable will be disinfected.

Thank you

Laura x