S E S S I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N 

M A T E R N I T Y 

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Pregnancy is not only the beginning of a new life, it’s the start of a magical journey. A woman becomes a mother and a couple become a family. By booking a maternity photography session, it’s a perfect opportunity to obtain a keepsake of that precious time and creation of new life.

The ideal time to schedule this session is between 32 and 36 weeks.

If the session takes place too early, you’re not going to get the full size and roundness of your bump. If you leave it too late you may feel too uncomfortable and baby may decide to arrive earlier than expected and before we have captured your bump. I always suggest that the maternity shoot should include your immediate family members, your husband and children are always invited along. I like to get outdoors and do some lifestyle & posed images where possible so if you have any special locations, please make sure to let me know. These can also be done at your home, in the baby's nursery works great.
Upon booking a maternity session you will be given access to my Session Preparation
and Styling Guide. We will also chat prior to your session so you are fully prepared and confident before the session. As a maternity photographer my aim is to make you feel completely at ease and to enjoy every moment of your session. 

Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the first two weeks.

At this very early age they are still nice and sleepy and are easily curled into those beautiful, newborn poses. Baby acne and flaky skin also usually haven’t appeared yet. In saying that though, we can still get some beautiful newborn shots up until 6 weeks of age. All sessions take place in the comfort of your home and I bring everything I need along with me. Having sessions take place at your home works great for families with other young children. They often feel more at ease in their own home and there is no pressure for them to sit in front of a backdrop for photos with their new sibling.

Newborn sessions can last from 1.5 - 4 hours depending on your chosen package, with plenty of time for feeds and settling etc. The session is never rushed – It’s very easy-going and baby led. Parents and siblings can also take part in the session.


It is highly advisable to book your session as early as possible to avoid missing out

I limit the amount of newborn sessions each month to ensure the highest quality of service to each

individual client. The best time to book a newborn session is whilst you are still pregnant, (ideally during your second trimester) to ensure your special date is reserved. A tentative date for your newborn session will be made based on your due date – if your baby arrives earlier or later than expected another suitable date will be arranged. If you have already had your baby please still contact me as I may still be able to fit you in. 

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I absolutely ADORE baby sessions! As a parent this is such an adorable and special time in your child’s

life – moments that you will want to cherish and remember, before they grow up.

As a baby photographer I have the understanding and patience required to naturally pose and photograph your baby to create beautiful and happy images that you will truly love.

Baby photographs can be taken at any age up to 12 months but a great time is between 6-10 months. This is when we can capture lots of beautiful wide-eye shots, smiles and giggles. Between 8-10 months

is one of my favourite ages – babies are usually sitting up by themselves and there are lots of lovely smiles, chubbiness and personality!


Sessions are relaxed and informal and take as long as it needs. I usually let your child be my guide, as

they will generally let us know when they have had enough. As a guideline though most sessions take around an hour. During this time babies can be fed and have a little break for cuddles if needed.

 Siblings are also welcome to participate in the photo session and there is no

additional cost for this.

C H I L D R E N  &  F A M I L Y

We all love looking back on images of our childhood, it evokes memories, feelings and a sense

of nostalgia.

Children’s Photography is about capturing your child’s spirit and personality. By booking your

bespoke children’s photography session, you’re booking a fun filled, action packed photo-shoot

which will truly reflect your child’s beauty – inside and out.

Incorporating beautiful locations, stylish clothing, appropriate props and distractions. I won’t only 

capture the beauty of your child, I will create images which really shows off their


This type of session takes place at a location of your choice and should be booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance. These sessions take around an hour. However, I will wait until your child(ren) becomes comfortable and we get the best photos possible.

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C A K E  S M A S H

Do you want something a little different to go with the birthday celebrations? Well, this is it.

Cake smash sessions have become more popular over the past few years over here in the UK.

They are a great way to celebrate and capture your soon to be 1 year old (or 2, 3, 4 year old!). It will get messy but the smile on your little ones face you will remember forever.


Cake smash sessions are great fun for the children and the parents. This session lasts around

1hour depending on your session packageThis session is most popular for babies first birthday however this is now available for children of any age! These sessions take place at your home and is best done in a non-carpeted room. As many children have different allergies I ask that you, the parent, provide the cake.

I have pink & blue props for these sessions, bunting & outfits. If you have a theme you'd like I can work with that also. I don't like to use too many props as they can often distract the attention away from your little ones. Less is more in regards to props for these sessions. However, saying that you are more than welcome to include any props you already have that you think will fit in well with the session.

F R E S H  4 8

Fresh 48 sessions are for families who want the first hours of their newborn’s life captured.

These are held within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life, these in hospital sessions are perfect for remembering that first day forever. Pictures of baby's first yawns, little baby feet, fingers, and first snuggles with mum and dad, first meeting with siblings, and family pictures in the hospital bed.

These sessions are around 45 minutes to an hour, they include more than 20 emotion filled images that truly tell your family's story. Fresh 48 sessions are not meant to replace the traditional newborn session; rather, they are another way to document one of the most important moments in your life and celebrate baby's arrival through powerful images.

Due to the on call nature of Fresh 48 sessions I can only accept 2 sessions per month.

Be sure to contact me as soon as possible to reserve a spot in my diary before your

baby's arrival.