F I N E   A R T   P R I N T S  


P R O D U C T S 

F O L I O  B O X

Folio 3.jpg

The Folio Box is more than just a box for your prints. Handmade with the finest materials it is the perfect story box. Included is up to 20 beautifully matted photographic prints + optional USB. They are available in two standard sizes: 4x5" (matted to 5x7") and 5x7" (matted to 8x10"). 


These are photographic prints, matted and backed with museum grade matboard, which protects the print from fingerprints and from touching the glass when framed.  


These are standard print sizes, and will fit in any store-bought frame so it's very easy to take your prints home and pop them into your current favourite frame.  Custom sizes are also available. 

H E I R L O O M  A L B U M

Album 3.jpg

My clients don't necessarily purchase albums to enjoy on a daily basis as you would with wall art. They are meant to be enjoyed as a priceless piece of nostalgia that can be looked back at in 5, 10 or 20+ years from now. Looking back at your child's tiny toes, or the way they fit in your arms can instantly bring you back to that place in time. Albums are also a great way to enjoy your images when wall space is limited. 


Albums are hand-made, lay-flat albums with thick pages and archival photographic paper. They have a stunning acrylic panel cover on both the album and album box. They are custom designed and start at 20 images. Optional USB and album box can also be added.


I offer several different sizes of albums so you can choose which size is best for you and your family. Albums are custom designed, so you can choose to include just your favourites or all images from your session. Clients can also create one big, beautiful heirloom album that contains images from all sessions.

D I G I T A L  I M A G E S

USB 2.jpg

Digital files for personal printing and archiving are available for purchase and are included in certain packages. Images from these files can then be printed at your convience, in any size you want, as many times as you want.

They can be shared with friends and family around the world.


Digital files are delivered via an electronic download or on a USB for safekeeping. 

M O U N T E D  P R I N T S

Mounted print

Mounted prints are perfect for the minimal and modern home. Printed on archival photographic paper and backed onto 5 mm thick foam that will make the prints stiff and ready to hang on the wall. It's made of very light PVC.

Available in a variety of sizes including square. 


Canvas .jpg

Wall art is a great way to enjoy your family's art on a daily basis.  Whether you're looking for one large statement piece or a grouping of your favourite images for the wall.


Canvas prints are 4cm deep and they are ready to hang. The backsides are covered in black felt strips that are glued to the handcrafted wooden frame. These strips hide the unsightly staples and also provide a further form of protection for your walls.

Available in a range of different sizes and also custom sizes to suit you.

P R I N T  B O X

Print Box 1.jpg

This is the perfect product for everyone looking for an elegant handmade box for prints. The box is finished with textile material and available in two standard sizes: 4x6" & 5x7". They can hold either 20-50 prints or 50-100 prints. A USB can also be added.